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    2nd Annual Freak Fest June 8-9th 2013 Rausch Creek Thread

    8th & 9th of June 2013

    Location: Rausch Creek Offroad Park453 Molleystown RdTremont PA 17981

    GPS Coordinates:N40 36.5074'W76 26.9170'

    ANNOUNCEMENTS:The pavilion has been reserved this year for Saturday Night There will be T-Shirts & Raffle again this year

    Additional Costs : To help offset some of the costs of supplies for the event, There will be a $10.00 per Adult/$5.00 or children 10 and under (3yrs and below are free) Registration Fee for the

    EventTrail Ratings Guide:
    GREEN - any stock jeep can make it through without many problemsBLUE - stock rubi through 2.5" and 35" tiresBLACK - minimum 2.5" lift, 35" tires and rocker armor,
    lockers are a plus
    RED - big lift, big tires, lots of armor, lockers

    Registered Freaks & Guests

    1)Speed2005(Jonny) - Blues&Blacks
    2) ECHO (Craig+1) - Camping - No Sure yet
    3) SouthernGirl (Shannon) - Camping -
    Reds & Blacks (Lead)
    4) BrokenRubi (ken)
    5) PennsWoods (Rob) - Camping
    Greens &
    6) E-Jeep (Eric) Camping mostly blacks
    7) Sandbagger(Mike) - Camping - Green&Blue (Lead)
    8) Trailsbysneck- Camping -
    9) CJ That Went JK (Dale) - Reds&Blacks

    10) Rubimarc (Mark + 1 + Dog) - Hotel
    Reds & Blacks
    11) CreepinYeti (Tony)-
    12) Rubiburst (Shawn)* +1
    Blues & Blacks (Lead)
    13) Res6cue (Mike**) - Camping Greens& Blues
    14) Res6cue (Michelle**) - Camping
    Greens &
    15) Bonzelda (Karen) & Bronco88 (Mike)- Hotel-
    Blacks & Reds
    16) phantomofrussia(Simon and Gioia) -Camping -
    Greens (T)
    17) FinnD1 (Dan)+ Family - Hotel -
    Blues (63)
    18)SlvrJK Blacks & Reds (Lead)
    19)DemonJK122 - Camping -
    Mild Blues
    20)Axlbabe2 (Noelle) Camping -
    21)XJKEN Camping
    Reds & Blacks
    22)Minner (Mike***)
    Reds & Blacks
    23) JJG (Christian) -Camping.
    24)Navyvetnorwich91 -Hotel -
    25))S8credground + Heather
    26) JKJake09 (Jake***)
    Reds & Blacks
    27) Danny4652 (Dan*) +1 Blues
    & Blacks (Tail)
    28) Tandom44 +1
    Bluesto mild blacks
    29) Trembley (Ben + 1) Camping (KOA) Greens
    and Mild Blues
    30) JKX4X4 (Rob) +1 Greens Mild Blues

    PlanetBob (james)
    32) SuffolkSam (Sam) Greens& Blues
    33)Numb_crna (Ron**)- Camping -
    34) RedRum - (Matt) + 1 -
    &Blues (34)
    35) Dis Dis greens
    /bluesand mild blacks
    36) Mudslinger (Chad)
    Reds&Blacks (44&50)
    37) MyZ28u+ Wife (Brandon) - Greens, B
    lues and mild blacks
    38) JKGirlie (Jenn)+2 Camping
    Blues & Blacks
    39) JerseyShore (Mike) and Chris Camping. Green
    , Blue, Blacks
    40) CLEJeepGirl- Hotel
    41) JanlWranlerS (Lou)+ wife (Jean)Blues and Blacks
    ...Comfort Inn
    42) Sd328 (Stephanie) Camping
    Greens &
    43) NJRubicon (Steve) +1 Camping - Blues
    & Blacks
    44) B52ck( Melissa*) +2
    45) Fade2black - (Paul)Campin -
    Greens & Blues

    46) JMH (Jason*)Blues& Blacks
    47) Beachcomber1126 (Jim) +3 Camping Greens& Blues
    48) Red Ace(Rich) +2 Camping Greens&Blues
    49) Crazy JK+ 1 Camping Greens& Blues
    50) LuLu2533Greens& Mild Blues
    51) MDR FKR +1 (Jim andCristal) -
    Blacks & Reds
    52) AZJeepn +2 CampingMostly Blacks
    53) Hyline Offroad (James)
    54) BigBertha (William)
    Mild Blues
    55)GOONSQD (Matt)+1 Camping- Blues
    & Blacks
    56) PORTUGAL + 1
    57) NickJK Hotel (35)Greens& Blues
    amgfavjeep (35) Hotel Greens & Blues
    59)Jcambensy +1 camping - Greens
    60) Curbs(Brian) camping Blues
    61) Ruby + 3 Greens & Mild Blues Camping
    62) IvesTJ (Josh & Des) Camping Greens & Blues
    63) MudPuppy (David) Hotel Blues & blacks
    64) Bug Stomper (Jeff) 2-Kids Blues&Blacks
    65) BillBikes (Bill & Trish) Greens & Blues
    66) AWinfree (Allen) Blues & Blacks
    67) Hyline08 (Ron) Greens
    68) JKred (Mike) +3
    Reds & Blacks
    69) NOPULP13 (Tony) +1 Greens & Blues
    70) Cybeman (Mike) ?
    71) Lazyhiker (Dave) +3 Greens & Blues
    72) BartDrBear (Pat)
    73) Unlimited (Gerry & Amy) Blacks
    74) ABADDON (Roger +3) Blues
    75) JK-Travis (Travis)
    76) JKGA - (Glenn) Blues
    77) H3rrmiller (Matt)greens/bules
    78) RWall (roy) Greens/Blues

    Scratches - Fattoo - JKJunkie - Thardin - crodgers - WhiskeyPirate
    - HeatTreater - BeastBeastly - Mokos - Jdtms11

    To officially register and buy T-shirts you need to visit this link, once it's verified then your name above will change to RED and you will be slotted for a group in the near future.. thanks !!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi I am Craig
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    Park Info - Rules and forms

    Rules and Regulations
    1) Before entering the park, members are required to check in at the Office, pay admission, and pick-up a wristband and vehicle tag.

    b. GROUPS SHOULD EXCHANGE CELL NUMBERS SO THEY CAN CONTACT EACH OTHER IN THE EVENT OF LATE ARRIVALS. It will be up to each group to send someone back to the office to pick up late arrivals. So please exchange cell phone numbers with each other.

    2) The minimum group size is two vehicles.

    3) Members shall keep their membership card with them at all times and keep their wristband on during their visit. Vehicles must have the proper vehicle tag in plain sight.

    4) Members wishing to camp overnight prior to their day of wheeling must make appropriate arrangements prior to their visit. Campers who are still in the park past 10:00 a.m. the following day shall be required to pay for that additional day.

    5) Seatbelt use is mandatory.

    6) All vehicles should have at least one towpoint and a full-size spare.

    7) All street legal vehicles must be insured. All drivers must hold a valid drivers license and be covered by an automobile insurance policy. Competition rigs are welcome.

    8) No littering. Pack in and pack out everything. Designated campfire areas are for cooking and burning of firewood only. All campfires must be put out when leaving the camping area. Check at the Office for any Burn Ban advisories.

    9) Quiet hours at the camping areas are 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

    10) All vehicles must be off the trails by DUSK, except for repair or recovery purposes. Nighttime wheeling is prohibited!

    11) Anyone observed drinking and driving will permanently lose their membership privileges and their affiliated club will be sanctioned. No alcohol is allowed on the property except for the camping area. Alcohol may be consumed only AFTER you are done wheeling for the day and only in the camping area. Do not walk around the comp course with alcohol. Do not drive around the trails with alcohol in your vehicle, leave it at camp.

    12) Stay on designated trails. Do not park vehicles where they might block a trail. Do not drive past the park's boundary markers or around gates. Cross streams only at designated stream crossings. Traffic may cross over or drive upon the Water Line only where it is part of a designated trail. Avoid bushwacking around muddy trails so we can keep our muddy trails muddy. Members should not drive through the hunt club's food plots. If you stack rocks to get through an obstacle, UNSTACK them please!!

    13) Members should check the posted map at the Office for information about possible trail closures and updates on new trails.

    Any person observing a violation of these rules or any unsafe or suspect behavior will report it to their club representative or a Park officer as soon as possible.

    Members who disregard the rules of Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, or pose a safety threat to themselves or other Members, will be ejected from the park without a refund. Repeated violations will result in loss of membership.


    Rausch Creek Off Road Park is a membership-based facility. There are no pre-requisites or waiting lists. All drivers and passengers must sign a membership application & liability waiver. Drivers and passengers age 16 and up are required to become members of the park which costs $15 per year and is good for one year from the date you join. Membership cards are given out when you join.

    Children age 15 and younger are free, however, we require a parental waiver. All members under the age of 18 also require a parental waiver.

    The daily entrance fee is $35.00 for the vehicle and driver. Passengers age 16 and up are $7.00 each (When a passenger joins the park, the $7.00 fee is waived that day). We offer free primitive camping for our members.
    To speed up your registration and sign-in, please download the documents, fill them out, and bring them with you when you visit our facility. You'll get to go wheeln' sooner! The form requires the following info from BOTH DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS: Name, address, phone number, emergency contact info, driver's license number, vehicle description and license plate. Also, initial (do not check) the four individual waiver paragraphs. We need this information from passengers too.
    Membership Application & Waiver:
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF): http://www.rauschcreekoffroadpark.or...er_app_new.pdf

    Parental Waiver:

    Adobe Acrobat (PDF):

    Camping & lodging

    Camping:1) Rausch Creek Off Road park offers free overnight (primitive) camping to members and visitors. To learn more about our camping, 2) If you want to stay at a full service facility, please contact one of the local campgrounds below:
    Echo Valley Campground
    Judy Finch
    52 Camp Rd
    Tremont, PA 17981
    (570) 695-3659
    Camp-A-While, Exit 112 of Interstate 81570-682-8696

    Twin Grove Park & Campground
    1445 Suedberg Road
    Pine Grove, PA 17963
    (717) 865-4602
    Lodging (Inn's/Motels)Exit 100 (Pine Grove) 7 miles from the park
    Comfort Inn
    68 Rooms available
    Indoor Heated Pool / Fitness Center / Deluxe Cont. Breakfast

    Colony Lodge
    33 Rooms Available

    Econo Lodge
    51 Rooms Available
    HBO / ESPNHampton Inn
    481 Suedberg Road
    Pine Grove, PA 17963
    (570) 345-4505

    Mention you are wheeling at Rausch Creek for rate discount!
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    Hi I am Craig
    Retired USAF, Currently Service Manager at a Dodge/Chrysler JEEP & Ram Dealership
    Generally just a Crusty ole Smart Arse

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    Realistically this is not gonna happen for me. Kind of a bummer. Have fun freaks!

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    Ill be there.
    Steven and Katie Dalphon. I don't know if ill be camping or getting a hotel room. Blacks and Reds.
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    Awesome...It's on the calendar!

    Count us in...
    Tom & Heidi Hardin - Camping @ RC - Blacks and reds

    No problem with whatever fee is applied. "Those who say it can't be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it"

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    I'm in again!!

    Chris and Maggie Tate. Camping. Easy/mild blues. Might be more than just us two though.

    Can't wait!!!

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    Derek and Shannon agin
    Blacks and reds

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    We are in!! Bryan ,marylou and 2 kids. camping.
    Green and blues

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    Hell yes!! If all goes well I'll be there, so feel free to put me down.

    Mike and Liza - Camping - Blacks and Reds
    Put a maybe/Likely for my old man too (Gary). He'll be riding with me.
    2007 2dr X, 6sp, 35's on D44's, cage, 2" lift, hydro, etc.

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