We’ve got a telegram from Chicago that they want to see you.
But soon this feeling changed to dislike and then to hatred.
‘No, they hid away in the Deep.
Patrolman Wells wrote it.
You are under arrest, ‘Silky Bob.
I came to it and touched it with my hand.

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By the way, gentlemen, this—this is a very well constructed house.
It was here until five years ago, said the policeman.
It was a very big job.
You were successful in the West, weren’t you? asked the policeman.
It stands high above the water, the light comes out from it, and the tower speaks in a monster voice…’ Johnny was frightened.
Haven’t you heard from your friend since then? Yes, we wrote to each other for some time, answered the other.

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At such times I wanted to hit him hard but the memory of Pluto always stopped me.
Think of it, waiting a million years! One day it hears the Fog Horn in his deep hiding-place.
Then she run out of the door and down the street.
It took her forty minutes to make herself look like a schoolboy with her head covered with tiny round curls of hair.
Take your hat off and let us have a look at it.
We can’t leave it.

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