The other was Della’s hair.
The only wall left was the wall of my bedroom.
The lighthouse was in the ruins.
At first I felt uneasy about the creature which had loved me so much.
You are not going to resist, are you? Very good.
They wanted to give each other gifts, but no gift could be better than their love.
If I sat, he jumped upon my knees.

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na russkom yazyke
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‘We had some bad knocks from the waves and the tower fell.
This touching story is about young lovers.
In the morning a doctor examined Johnsy and took her temperature.
Sue went up to her bed.
To tell the truth, at that time I was full of hatred to all the people in the world, even to my poor wife.
I was terrified.

na russkom yazyke
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v horoshem kachestve
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There was an expression in his eyes that she could not understand, and it frightened her.
He cannot forget.
Its mouth opened.
’ ‘Do you mean the fish?’ ‘No, something else.
But soon Pluto, who was old now,— even Pluto was afraid of me.
Finally came the body, like a little isВ*land of black coral.
That’s why she has very few chances.

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