Minecraft has remained a popular teaching tool. Minecraft has a gaming nature that makes it immediately appealing and engaging for students. It is played by children all around the world, with the Education Edition being played in over 115 countries.

The game helps students develop project-based skills and allows them to work on problem-solving issues individually or in groups. As a result, STEM education takes place in an environment that promotes both digital citizenship and confidence in the real world.

This facilitates learning and assessment because students can capture a screenshot at any moment during or after the project activity and give it to the teacher for evaluation. It’s also a good approach for students to start building a portfolio of their work.

What is the coding language used by Minecraft?
Minecraft Coding for Kids was originally written in the Java programming language. Since then, Microsoft has made numerous additions and changes to Minecraft’s code. Java is a widely-used programming language, which has contributed to the game’s growing popularity. Java is used by millions of programmers every day to complete their tasks. You might even be programming in Java right now because it’s the language used to create Android apps!