Many auto Ks have a overheating problem , I think. Well most people say it comes from the auto transmission. But mine has a huge oilcooler for the transmission and still got warm last summer.
And its quite common in Europe with the diesel model.

Since the first JL videos I thought the fan noise on those a pretty intense.
I searched for a used JL fan on ebay now and found great picture and an interesting price.
Was around $270-$400 for a 10mls old one.

On one pic you could see a sticker saying 650W which might be an explanation for the loud fan noise in those videos.
And this is much much more than the JK fan.

Did anyone every tried a swap ? Does it help with the overheating ? and is some kind of plug and play ?

Would be an interesting and maybe easy way to go for a real good cooling.