Recently went to Tennessee and had a blast but smacked the side of some nasty trails with my fenders,Smitybilt XRC Flux fenders, with Evo corner armor .These fenders bolt to body below armor and have held up great to tree and Rock rubs but once I started taking more hardcore trails and smacking stuff the just destroyed the body they were bolted to.I knew this was going to be a problem but know it has to be dealt with.the body where the armor is bolted to is still straight but the metal body the fenders “were” bolted to are basically destroyed .Need a more hardcore strength solution that this.Might have to tie into the cage ,add a C pillar tubbing off cage and tie in through body and maybe a lateral bar behind back seat to distribute the shock. I know most of the stuff folks use is store bought but I dont think store bought is gonna cut it anymore for me .Has anybody ran into this problem and what did you do.Looking for advice from folks who have had this issue