Look, I bought this after my little tracker died. Wrangler is what I always identified with, in spirit.
I live the tracker for getting around, but here miles from the nearest Walmart, sometime county thinks plowing is optional after 4:00.
I love this thing in snow, but I now know what the wrangler death wobble is all about. It's kinda like driving my semi bobtail. Tricky.
The mogs are ridiculous. But here's the meat in the sandwich. Put that little gage in your dash, load up on Kwik Trip fuel, no joke mine tanks out to 12.9 or 13.1. But within 10 miles of a Shell station that sells gas for .15 a gallon less, it rockets up to 14.3. Then BP, is mid 13s. I've put 20k miles on in 8 months. 24 miles to work 1 way, I gave up the job, and kept the Jeep. It wasn't much of a job, camper repair, but they were nice anyway.
Any thoughts on a throttle body spacer, or huricane/tornado intakes?
I'm going to fix my tracker for the miles, but sometimes I just need to let it all hang out in the Jeep. I love it.