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    Front D30 traction. Trutrac vs Lunchbox

    Hey Jeeps. New here but seasoned jeeper.
    Iím looking to add an automatic traction device to my 2014 2door.
    I cand decide between a lunchbox and a Trutrac

    What I use my Jeep for
    I live in Tx so ice on roads maybe a few days a year.
    My Jeep lives on the street unless itís hunting season. With the occasional trip to fill feeders and work on food plots) During this time Iím off-road a lot. I also vacation to Colorado once a year where I do mild trail riding. Typically my obstacles is mud, and going through creek beds (semi steep slippery up this is where I struggle.)

    Currently I have a Yukon LSD in the rear (clutch style) open front. Running 33.8Ē tires on 3.5Ē actual lift

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    Based on your needs I would recommend the Trutrac. I personally have an Aussie lunchbox locker in my Dana 30 and the traction off-road is awesome, however it does not have the best street manners. I would not install one in a daily driver or something that sees a lot of road use. For the minor difference in the amount of traction you will experience off-rod with the Trutrac vs the Aussie or similar you will be much happier long term with the Trutrac! Hope this helps.

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