Hi guys,
Mike here formerly Yamaha90, we have been with JKFreaks from the start and have spent many years on JK Forum as well..
It has been a while since we have been active on the forums and I feel like that has been the going trend with a lot of people. We have held onto the Jeep and continue to wheel and keep interest in the Jeep life, even making our love into a side business as JMG.
Many of you probably know my then girlfriend, now wife Erica aka Camaro_Girl from the previous JK & Wife/Girlfriend threads, or from the Cleveland area JKs from all the meet and greets we used to have when the forums were a lit more active.

Coming back to touch base and ask for some help.

Erica will be going under the knife again this year for her 9th abdominal surgery resulting from Intestinal Malrotation. Each surgery in the past has gotten her a little better with small victories of relief but her pain and nausea continues to battle back and keep her from living her best life.
The past 6 months we have been working towards our appointment with the head intestinal transplant doctor at Cleveland Clinic whom has pioneered a surgery to fix Intestinal Malrotation and give these patients their quality of life back. We have recently met with him and his team and are now leading up to Erica's biggest and most important surgery.
She has multiple areas in need of correction and several of these can put her life at risk. The surgery would be open, meaning one very large incision and a lot of work to be done. This makes for a long and difficult recovery, especially considering her career as an ER Nurse she needs to be fully capable before returning to work.

Recovery time after the surgery will be a minimum of 3-4 months, more likely 5, possibly 6 months before she returns to work. Working part time with her current condition she doesnt qualify for short term disability which would help cover her during her time off

Because of all of this we have started a GoFundMe page to cover bills and expenses as a result of her being off of work for recovery.

Typically we are not ones to ask for any sort of help or assistance and we would rather keep our personal matters personal, but we also don't want to let our pride kill us in the process.

If you would be able to keep us in your thoughts or prayers we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you guys,
Mike & Erica