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    INJEN cold air + snorkel addon

    I recently bought the INJEN cold air despite lots of folks telling me it would be a waste of money and blah blah. I have a dynomax short cat back P/N 39522 coming tomorrow that it should pair up nice with. Anyhow the point of this post is to get others opinions, so some back story first and I will keep it short.

    My rig is my daily, so I am trying to maximize MPGs and overall daily performance with minor bolt ons and such. That being said I tossed the idea of getting a CAI around a few FB groups and other club members, the general consensus was all the same....dont do it, its a waste, etc. For the most part I would agree with that because the small benefits of a CAI are too high in the RPM range to be any use offroad....I did it anyways and man did I get some initial data that shocked me. I doubt the data I collected considering it was not a long test run is flawed....but still it gives me hope that maybe (for daily driver purposes) a CAI setup does in fact help out quite a bit.

    As you can see I am getting a 7 MPG boost according to the Traildash datalog before and after....yea I am sure that is flawed data since the test run was so short, but even if its only 2-3 MPGs gain I am happy. My rig is 4.10s on 37s with the 6 speed. Continuous MPG monitoring and a lot more miles down the road will better tell how accurate this may or may not be, but for now it seems a lot better than all the critics say. Aside from the MPG increase, with the big tires I notice a huge improvement when merging, on ramps, passing, and getting up to speed....big improvements at that.

    So my question is the numbers I collected may be off....but what kind of numbers and performance boosts did any of the rest of you get with a CAI setup? Be it an open or closed filter setup...or a snorkel (non stock air box). If these numbers keep holding true....hell even if they drop to a 2-3mpg gain....dont believe the hype about how CAI is a waste of money (recommending of course a closed box CAI to keep out the water when off road).

    EDIT: I should probably add that I live in VA along the coast...flat roads everywhere, and my Jeep is light in comparison to most...not much armor at all, stock bumpers, I put on the rails when I go off road but leave them off the rest of the time...basically I have little added weight minus the 3.5" 37s and steelies. The testing was done on the same stretch of road, same day, roughly 5 miles total, same configuration on the rig except of course the intake swap and a half full gas tank of 87 with the Traildash 87 octane programmed in on both runs, cruise set at 70.

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    My rig has a k&n intake, and I didn't notice any increase or decrease in mpg. All I noticed was the sound improvement.

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