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    Brake light, ESP, BAS & ABS

    Jeep Specs
    2007>Jeep>Wrangler Rubicon unlimited
    3.8L V6 6-speed manual
    Teraflex leveling kit
    Moog OEM springs
    Rancho RS9000xl Shocks
    285/75/70 tires w/1.5" wheel spacers

    Symptoms (Started 2 weeks ago)
    Dash lights = Brake light, ESP, BAS & ABS <---- these lights do not show on my dash until I drive 12 MPH. When I stop and turn off the jeep, the lights go away but as soon as I crank it back up and drive 12 MPH they turn back on.
    Cruise control works fine
    speedometer works and is correct
    When I look up DTC codes from the dashboard I get only ----Done---
    Drives and stops just fine, even in the rain.

    Pulled codes with cheap wifi OBDII reader
    - U1412 - Implausible Vehicle Speed Signal Received
    - U1417 - Implausible Left Wheel Distance Signal Received
    - U1418 - Implausible Right Wheel Distance Signal

    Troubleshooting steps already taken

    1. Replaced both front wheel speed sensors (No change)
    2. Purchased Bluedriver OBDII scanner which arrived today and I found A LOT of DTC codes (Attached as DTC-1) these codes are my very first scan with Bluedriver.
    3. After reviewing all of these codes I decided to test my battery.
    - Battery test good at 12.75V/Charging @ 14.20V +/ Load test done with all jeep accessories turned on and passed. (All test done with DMM in my garage)
    4. Checked all grounding points / grounding straps / engine ground ? tested for short to ground, everything looks good.
    5. Cleared ALL codes with bluedriver and checked (with deep scan) codes again. I had ZERO codes. Started the engine and as soon as I hit 12 MPH all the same lights pop back up. I checked the codes again and now the ONLY code I get is C2200 - Anti-lock Brake Module Internal. (Attachment DTC-2)
    6. So now I guess I'm suppose to believe that it's the ABS Module is done!?? WELLLL I haven't given up yet at this point!
    7. So I started looking into my AB Module and researching more on forums, I've found some that said if the brake light stays on (which it does) that it is in fact the ABS Module. But then I read that because the lights turn off when I turn off the jeep and they don't turn back on unit I get to 12MPH that it cannot be the ABS Module. UGH!!
    8. So I decide to try the most cost effective approach (and to ease my mind) I replace both rear speed sensors. I clear the codes again, check if they are gone and then drive off, 12 MPH ding ding ding! UGH!
    9. So i decided to take my jeep to get the battery tested by the machine at the shop with their fancy tester, you know, just in case I missed something. They test the battery voltage/load test/check the cranking amp/ and all of it PASSED. I then asked them to check my codes (they had the fancy Bosh scanner) and they pull up the same code C2200, and it's still the only code.
    10. So one last test is I checked if I had power going to the ABS Module, I removed the connector and checked pins 1, 8 & 32 for power and ground on pins 16 & 47, everything is good, I'm getting power to the module and my ground is good. I attached pic of wire harness and pin diagram below (which I found posted by AC/DC & Echo) to share the info.

    Next steps

    First of all, if anyone has any more helpful info i'm ALL ears.
    For now though, this is what I plan to do:
    1. Bellinger Racing said he had the SAME EXACT issue and when he replaced all four speed sensors (Which I have) and then drove about 200 miles that his lights turned off. That is obviously the cheapest and easiest start from this pint on. I'll try this first.
    2. If that doesn't work, I'll remove the ABS Module and open it up and check it for visual damage, see if I can fix it.
    3. I'll reinstall and bleed/replace brake fluid (It's WAY past due)
    last but not least, I'll replace the ABS Module and take it to the dealer for flashing.

    SO, any thoughts????

    Weird thing is -- So the codes from the cheaper wifi OBD2 reader are not showing up on the Bluedriver scanner.
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