Innovative JK Products is now proud to offer the ARB Twin Air Compressor Model CKMTA12 as a package deal with our popular IJKP-1 4-Tire Air System.

This package includes IJKP-1 and the ARB Twin Compressor CKMTA12. The Air Down / Air Up Tool (see IJKP-17 or IJKP-18) is included for FREE if selected.

So you have made the choice to buy an ARB Twin Air Compressor. And now you are left with the task of where to mount it and how to plumb it for use?

Innovative JK Products has taken all the guesswork out, and developed a complete 4-tire inflation solution for your Jeep JK! And with the optional tool (discounted if purchased with kit), you can deflate all 4 tires at once and air up all 4 tires at once to an adjustable set point (see IJKP-17 or IJKP-18).