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    Critical oil quantity front axle ?

    Which amount of oil would be critical for the front axle ?

    Last year I got a new G2 axle, and of course complete new internals.
    Didnīt drove much the last year so itīs just 1500mls or so.
    Wanted to do oil change today and during filling the front axle I noticed a drop of oil coming down the diff cover.......
    Well didnīt care... might have spilled a drop or so.
    But when the axle was full more and more drops of oil came from this point.
    Looked closer and saw there was a tiny tiny hole in the diff cover.
    It was from the beginning because it came from a part which was milled to deep, so it seems.

    Meaning I was the whole year with half the amount of oil in the front axle. luckily now offroading and 4x4 use. Only one last month.

    Ok, I have warranty on it. So the new diff cover wonīt be a problem. But I think there will be a discussion on the rest.
    Oil was ok, some metal but not much. Far less as it was when I bent the axle and drove without oil. I would say normal wear.....
    Also you didnīt see anything on ring & pinion.

    But I heard a slight whistling noise when I was in 4Low at the event last month........

    Opinions ????

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    I’d be having a conversation with G2 About that, but they’re probably going to tell you it was your responsibility to keep an eye on things so you may not have too much luck with them

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    Well it seems nothing was damaged. Still some oil in it and only once I ran in 4Low. Also noticed it after 1500-2000mls.
    I Germany first contact and responsible is the dealer who sold it. After that the company importing those stuff.

    But Iīm not sure if I should say puh luck that nothing else was damaged and if I have a bearing damage in 2 years ask the dealer for great prices as we all know where it came from.
    Or should I directly ask for...... well ask for what as nothing makes noises or throws plenty of metal out of the diff........

    Did they change the design tho ?
    I think there must be a whole series of those diff covers/axles.
    They either totally miscalculated the depth of the cut or the guy at the machine didnīt program it or the milling cutter length in the correct way.

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