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    HOW-TO: 2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler Airbag Recall - Rock Hard 4x4 Cage

    Just got a kind email from a gentleman with a Rock Hard 4x4 cage and went through the airbag recall process. Not sure what'd it take with a welded in cage, but glad to hear our customers won't face any headaches.

    "So I removed the end clamps and loosened the cross bar and got access to the bolt in the top of the dash access hole.
    Needed to lift the bar just enough to get clearance for the air bag panel snaps.
    Dealership was fine with replacing the air bag as is.
    Hopefully this info helps anyone else that has this question.
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    The problem we run into doing these recalls and I have done is a handful of them... is the 13mm bolt that holds the airbag in .. The bolt accessible through the tab up by the windshield (defrost vent).. you have to remove the airbag & holder out to get to the air bag inflator underneath, that’s the part being replaced .. we haven’t seen one come in with a cage yet, but if the access tab isn’t accessible.. it will be a tough job to get too

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