Had the chance this week at work, drive a new JLU Rubicon as well as look around the Sports & Sahara's.. we had 7 arrive at the dealership ..

At first glance : I like the beefiness of some of the changes .. door Hinges, hood locks and hardware.. larger badges .. just overall beefy look, the hard top looks more refined, but from the back it looks to Mercedes
I dislike the added slope of the windshield, the fake vents on the front quarter panels

Cockpit - very space age and again beefy .. everything looks like its placed well, different then the JK that's for sure .. but looks and feels solid

Seats and overall interior - they made some very good changes to seat options, entertainment and storage in the rear ..

Drivability - the 8 speed transmission drives live a Grand Cherokee, with better acceleration , the brakes feel firmer, improved turn radius in both the 2 & 4 doors ,better approach and departure angles ... I Was even able to WalMart rate the Rubi by climbing over the snow piles that were hood high .. lol

This fall they will be releasing the power top and the 2.0 turbo/e-torque (hybrid) engine .. will be interested in digging into them

Overall I give the JL a 9 out of 10 for only spending an hour or so looking it over .. I love my job !!

Overall - I give it a 9 out of 10