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    HEATER PROBLEM- defrost hot, 2 center vents hot, floor and outer vents cold

    Just have a question. I have had my 2010 Wrangler for 3 winters now and never had an issue.
    As it started to get colder I have noticed that my vents are not blowing hot air like they should.
    Thankfully, my defrost is still blowing hot, but have noticed that the driver side vent, still blows the air, but cold.
    center 2 vents (under radio) blow kinda hot, and floor blows cold.
    I have looked behind glovebox, where there were some papers jammed back there, but did not fix issue.
    have had all the flappers and things checked....I just dont want to go into the dealership and get talked into wayyyyy more then I need.

    just dont want to get swindled because I am a girl

    anyone have this issue?

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    You may need to perform a coolant flush. You may be having issues with your heater core.

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    It could also be a bad air mixing "valve" - basically, the mechanical piece that adjusts how much outside air and how much heated air is being sent to the vents.

    Or you might have a dead mouse jammed in there. Wait a few weeks, if it starts to smell... LOL!
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