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    ARB, sPod, CO2 ideas and options.

    With installing new axles with lockers on my '13 JKU I will end up with front and rear ARB lockers and they will come with the basic compressor.

    I had been looking at upgrading the compressor to the ARB twin package deal (compressor, mount, hoses, inflation gauge, etc.). With looking at the price of the ARB twin package I have begun to really contemplate a couple of options if I look at spending that amount.

    Option A: Buy the ARB twin package.

    Option B: Buy a new 8 switch sPod as mine is only 6 and I currently use 4. With adding the compressor with front/rear lockers I would end up with 7 switches. With this option, I could transfer my current 6 switch model over to my Dad's JK. I could also look at just using the ARB unit that is coming with the axles and look at CO2 for tires. The CO2 would have the advantage of being portable.

    Thoughts/opinion on this? Which option and why?

    Also, if looking at getting an 8 switch sPod would you go with switched panel or the touch screen? Which one and why?

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    I have the dual compressor, while nice, still takes some time to fill up the tires (35"). I was looking at keeping it and then adding a CO2 bottle (I have a spare one from beer brewing) to take on trips but...I may not have a Jeep much longer. I would say after having the ARB, I would say keep the small one you have, and get a CO2 setup for trail and call it good. I think in the long run, you'll be much happier with that setup. The other thing to keep in mind is that a compressor works best with cool air. Mine is mounted under the hood, and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't perform as well as it can due to being hot in the engine bay. They get hot on their own, but I'm sure that being in the engine bay doesn't help.

    And I say go for the 8 sPOD if you got the money to do so, I think you'll find a use for the other available switch down the road

    I don't know about the switch panel or touch screen, I like tech, so I would go with the touch screen myself, but this is a loose opinion on my part.
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