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    Flipped Drag Link your experiance?

    I have had my Jeep lifted and same set up for 17K miles with no issues other than trashing a steering box and pump. Replaced with an AGR box and OE pump to get rolling again while I waited on the pump, reservoir and ram to arrive. Following the install of the box and OE pump all was good.

    In preparation for the Ram I installed a raised track bar drag link flip to make room for the ram I planned to do in few weeks.

    All torqued and welded as it should be and now death wobble. Not as scary as I have seen but no less it is there.

    I have all new track bar bushings, steering ends are all tight, alignment was done following the installation and with adjustable arms the caster is 6 degrees (same as it has been for 17K miles)

    I know the ram install will certainly be a fix, just wondered if anyone else had issues with these flip kits.
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    I flipped mine a little more than a year ago. Eliminated some bump steer.

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    Death wobble should not result from a drag link flip. Are the drag link and track bar parallel? Lots of stuff can cause death wobble, if everything is torqued to spec it could be ball joints or tires.

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    I installed a dl flip last summer and it handles much better. Check that everything is still torqued to factory spec with a toque wrench. Many time the trac bar will loosen up at the frame side and cause the wobble. Also, how many miles are on your Jeep and what bracket and dl flip did you go with?

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    Check the track bar frame mount hole... see if it's an oval instead of a circle...
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    Sounds like you've checked the TB and steering pretty well. How about control arm bushings?

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    What did you install? Did you double check to make sure you've got any misalignment spacers and so forth that were in the track bar back in there? Did you use a tapered insert at the knuckle? Is it seated fully?

    It is likely that its something simple. Have someone do the steering wheel shake trick while you watch your steering components and see if anything is jumping around.

    A flipped drag link should make the steering feel "heavier" and much more controlled. You won't regret it once you have everything ironed out.

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