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    Dana 30 Axle Leak - My first fluid leak....

    So I woke up to this....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a stock Dana 30. I am assuming this is a standard axle seal leak but if anyone can confirm that would be great. I have teraflex sleeves, gussets, ball joints, front driveshaft, and an Aussie locker that I just have not got around to, so it looks like this project is now a priority.

    Is this just a seal issue?
    Are the seals at the outer tube or inner by carrier?
    How do the seals get installed?
    Should I consider an upgraded seal? If so , what one?
    How long can I drive on this if I add fluid every other day?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Looks like an inner seal to me. Same happened to me. Great time to install that aussie.

    The seals are in the carrier. I did mine years ago they were like $12 each from a dealer. May as well do them both.

    There are installation videos/instructions out there. You have to take out the gears and the axle shafts. Make sure you have a good strategy for installing the seal. They have special tool for it or you can get it in w/ a large socket and a long extensions from the opposite axle.

    You can drive until all the fluid leaks out. Just keep checking it and refilling if you got to get to work or something.
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    If it smells like gear oil, you have a leak.

    As stated, they are in the pumpkin. The sleeves might make them a little harder to get out. I've just used a long piece of conduit to pound the seals out from the outer end of the tube.

    There is a seal press out there from Yukon (I think) that makes installing new seals easier. Or you can make your own out of some threaded rod, nuts and appropriately sized washers.

    Last time mine leaked, I had them replaced by a shop in Streetsboro, only because I didn't have the time to do it myself, plus, I needed a new pinion bearing at the same time.

    But if that stuff you mention has yet to be installed and I misunderstood you, then do it all at once, especially since you're more likely than not to smoke the ball joints when welding on the gussets.
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    I went months leaking like this before I pulled everything to re-gear. Just check the fluid and keep it topped off. Also, stay out of any high water crossings, if the gear oil can leak in, water can get into your diff and contaminate it!

    Also, you can always park it with that side uphill to prevent it spilling out on your driveway. Mine was passenger side, so I made sure to park the wheel on the curb

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