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    [NEW PRODUCT] Rock Hard 4x4 Universal Fairlead License Plate Mount w/ Cable [RH-4004]

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    Don't zip tie your license plate to your bumper fairlead! We've landed on the moon - no more dark age methods of keeping your Jeep legal with a front license plate. Add our heavy duty license plate mount with security lanyard. Our security lanyard plus prevents your plate from falling off during off road adventures and keeps would be plate thieves honest.

    When its time to unspool your recovery hook, simply unscrew the front plate mount with a our thumb screws and let it hang safely below your bumper. The process to reinstall your plate mount is just as easy.

    Install in Seconds
    We laser cut the 2 mounting tabs to allow our plate mount to slip in-between your fairlead and bumper. You don't even need to fully remove your fairlead!

    Winch Fairlead Fitment
    Our fairlead license plate mount fits aluminum hawse, and multiple hook styles and sizes.
    Distance behind plate mounting surface: 3"

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