When running harness / shoulder-lap belts off-road, disable your Seat Belt Indicator System (SBIS) with our "DingDelete" tool. This will allow you to enjoy your harness belts (sold separately) off-road without the SBIS screaming and flashing at you. Simply unplug our tool to resume normal seat belt operation when on-road.

Simply insert the tool in to your belt's buckle. Designed to complete the circuit and successfully disable your Belt Indicator System's audible and visual alarms. Strictly designed for off-road use only.

This product is specifically intended for off road use only. This is not a replacement for a factory or aftermarket vehicle restraint system. By using this product you affirm you are strictly using it to test the functionality of your occupant restraint alarm and indicator. Not to be used when vehicle is in motion. Rock Hard 4x4 shall be held harmless in the event this tool is used for any other purpose than intended. User assumes all responsibility by using tool other than intended purpose. This card is required to be kept in vehicle at all times as a reminder to only use tool for itís intended purpose.