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There is a group of us from the area (Beaver County) heading over Saturday. The plan is to meet at the Tracks End in Ambridge for breakfast at 0700 and head out from there. You can meet us there if you like. Big portions, good food, low price and bad service can be expected :-)

This will be a mild day of wheeling with wives/kids. The park is generally a mild park to begin with, so if your lightly modified or even stock, you'll be just fine.

There will be 2 big jeeps on 37" tires, one on 35" tires and my daughter in a Grand Cherokee on Rubicon wheels and 32" tires. 3 with winches. This is not being planned as hard core hero run up the biggest rocks they have, more of a nice trail day followed with dinner. If you want to get rocky... meet us at Rausch Creek for the Freak Fest!

PM me if you want my cell and are planning to come. I'll be the guy in the big red '14 Willys Edition.

I'll send you a PM this evening, sounds like a perfect trip. Weather is looking good so I'll be making the trip without doors or a top hopefully. I've got 35" tires with a winch as well.

I've made some changes over the past few months so a good day of mild wheeling is perfect to test everything and make sure I've got it all set the way I want. Plus it's always a good time to get out and have fun!

I appreciate the response and info!

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