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    New 2017 Bestop NX Glide Soft Top vs OEM Premium Soft Top

    I'm in need of a new soft top. I was going to go with the OEM premium soft top, but then I just got an email from Bestop and saw the new NX Glide soft top. Here's a link to the site of the new Bestop NX Glide, it's nice because its got the fastback style and zippers are no longer needed. I wanted to get your thoughts on the OEM and the new NX Glide from Bestop.

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    I have the trektop NX and so far I really like it. I am storing my hard top so I can't tell you if the trektop is any louder then a factory soft top. I will say that the quality of my top is great and noise isn't bad at all. I was able to install the top in a couple hours, the directions were easy to follow and the only issue I really had was getting the talegate bar locked in place. Lots of stretching to get it locked in place. So if you don't mind zippers it could save you some money.

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    Me and my brother both have oem soft tops and my girlfriend just bought a jk with a hardtop, we were in the market for a soft top and the price of oem ones seemed high (even for craigslist) so she opted for the besttop nx but with the zippers because they were offering a great deal on it. I do not like the way the nx top attaches compared to the oem. If it were me I would buy an oem one or buy another model. Maybe the glide will be better.

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    I've run a standard NX for six years now and would never change. I suppose the Glide makes things a little easier, but I could never justify that price tag.

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