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    Rebels Deal Of The Week! KIS Product Solutions Sound Bar XL For Jeep Wrangler

    Rebels Deal Of The Week! $400 off and Free Shipping!
    KIS Product Solutions Sound Bar XL For Jeep Wrangler

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    Itís a simple PLUGíNíPLAY install. Simply remove the 6 screws holding up the soundbar, unplug the connection, plug the new soundbar into the connection and replace the 6 screws holding the new bar in place. Then BAM! You have an instant sound upgrade with cool LED options including Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Strobe feature and more!

    This is KISí Custom Built Jeep Wrangler Soundbar with RGB LEDís. It ships with 4 x Best-In-Class Series 7 Ė A1 speakers installed along with 4 tweeters adding demonstrably dynamic audio performance.
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    I don't usually like to put negative reviews..... but this is something that I need to warn potential buyers. We bought the sound bar based on their advertisement and thinking that since they are using Alpine based system, the quality would be great. We got a products that had issues. the lights would go off, so we contacted, they sent an even worst exchange product, saying that since they have changed things around, we have to install the new product. This new one came in even WORSE shape.... Tom, the owner, promised 50% off the price and we will fix the item ourselves... because looks like they are not able to manufacture quality items at this time. BUT.... they have not sent the refund.... and are not even answering my correspondence anymore. Don't buy from them... you are not going to get what they advertise... This is a cheaply made copy, glued together unevenly, even in places, the glue was not applied. uneven shaped... unprofessional... both the product and customer service.

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