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    SEMA - caught counterfiet manufacturers

    They have been Served!

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    **UPDATE - Official Statement from Omix-ADA**

    Jp Magazine contributor Traci Clark was a first-hand witness to an offshore exhibitor being served papers at the 2016 SEMA Show. Well-known U.S.-based Jeep accessory manufacturer Omix-ADA noticed suspiciously familiar products being displayed at the show by Unity 4WD Accessories Co., Limited of Guangzhou, China. The company filed a civil complaint with the U.S. District Court, and obtained a summons and civil action for a temporary restraining order and seizure of goods. U.S. Marshals served papers to the company’s representatives, and ordered the display dismantled and the goods in question removed.

    From what we could gather from the photos we could get of the papers, it appears the company’s representatives will be required to appear in U.S. court within 21 days for a hearing.

    Omix-ADA director of marketing Henk Van Dongen said that the company has noticed more and more counterfeit products appearing on the market over the past year. The company contacted SEMA and local attorneys for assistance in pursuing the counterfeiters. The company holds design patents on many of its products. “It’s expensive to develop products and protect them, but if the patents get violated, we have to protect them,” Henk stated.

    “This is for our industry, it isn’t just about Omix-ADA, it’s about our industry and our customers, and those that are spending money on product development, and are being blatantly ripped off with merchandise that is being presented as our product, or something like our product,” Henk said. “It’s important for us that we make it known that we did this, and we will continue to do this. It’s kind of like playing whack-a-mole, but it’s good for everybody.” Unity 4WD Accessories was reportedly one of six overseas vendors at this year’s SEMA Show that were served papers and asked to take down their displays.

    Official Statement from Omix-ADA

    On Tuesday, November 2, the US Marshal’s office conducted a search and seizure of a variety of automotive aftermarket products as part of US District Court, Civil Complaint number 2:16-cv-02527-APG-CWH, due to claimed infringements of Omix-ADAŽ‘s patents and trademarks on products sold under the Rugged RidgeŽ brand. Based upon showing that it was likely to succeed on the merits of its claims for patent and trademark infringement, the district court granted Omix-ADA a restraining order against the certain parts suppliers that led to the search and seizure.
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    That. Is. Awesome.

    I'm all for free enterprise, but when you steal someone else's hard work, GTFOH.
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    Love this.

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