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    Teraflex 2.5" Spring Lift vs. OME 2.5" Heavy Suspension Lift.

    Hey so I own a 2 dr jk sport with aftermarket front bumper and winch and rear bumper w/tire carrier and im looking to add a 2.5" lift. I use my Jeep as a daily commuter as well as a weekend warrior trail/mud rig. ive narrowed my choices down to 2 setups, the Teraflex 2.5" Spring Lift w/ 9550 shocks or the OME 2.5" Heavy Load Suspension lift. Unfortunately i dont know anyone who has run either system and im looking for feedback on which is the better way to go. Any info would be awesome thanks!!

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    I've seen a few builds here on the forum that use Teraflex lift kits on their ride. try to look at some build threads on the forum or use the search bar to filter threads. are you planning to put on 35" tires with that?

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    I have the teraflex 2.5" with shock spacers and 35's.

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    Well, I'll chime in I guess.
    I ran the OME heavy lift for a good 180,000 miles.
    It was a Very nice ride. The only reason I went with another brand when I changed is, they didn't have what I wanted at the time.
    So... Now I have Metal Cloak springs with Bilstein's...
    I can't say enough nice things about the OME setup... It was really nice.

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    I just installed the Teraflex 2 1/2' spring lift kit with 9550 shocks. Install went Great! I did have an issue with the rear not being centered after the install due to the track bar not being long enough, but was easily remedied with the Teraflex Monster track bar both front and rear.
    The ride is great! It rides better than id did stock and is quieter! I wouldn't hesitate to go with this kit one bit, just plan on the adjustable track bars and installation is a breeze!

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    Between the two I would go with OME in the no load unless you are really heavy. I have run both the no load and the HD and liked the no load ride better with the nitro sport shocks. I had steel bumpers, sliders, and an 8000 warn winch. Slightly more then 2" of actual lift with it.

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    So I have the HD kit from OME. I did not like the road manners of the stock rubicon suspension at speed loaded down with people and gear. I wanted a stiffer suspension as I knew I was going to add more weight, and as there isn't much out there for HD setups, OME fit the bill. It is a bit more stiff than stock (think small truck like ride), but I can pull my camper (1500 lbs loaded) with little to no sag and body roll overall has been reduced greatly. With correction control brackets, the ride was further improved, though after using them as rock skids, I want control arms now. I don't feel like I'm going to roll over and takes turns much better than before. I have bumpers F/R winch, toolbox, and other items adding to the weight. I believe with my fat ass in the jeep, it is at 5400 lbs per the junkyard scale. Needless to say, I'm pleased. I don't have 35's yet, but that is the plan and I don't think space will be that much of an issue. Off-Road it does what I need it to. We just went to the fall crawl outside of Austin and it kept up with other rigs with 35's and 37's on the moderate trails (except the couple of times that 35's would have helped us out of precarious situations, or maybe my overall skills were lacking). I didn't feel that the springs/shocks were too stiff in some of the tougher parts.

    TL;DR - I approve of the OME setup, at least for a 4 door.
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