Figured I have done enough items to the jeep to start a build thread for the Jeep we like to call Bender (Futurama reference)

In 2013 I got the itch to get a jeep. Always liked the way they looked and after realizing they upgraded the engine, I started the search. Long story short, couldn't find what I wanted, so ended up ordering the Rubicon. Figured I would get the bells and whistles (sway discos, locking axles, ect) to keep me satisfied for a bit, so for the past couple of years I have just added a few items here and there:

Smittybilt storage box

Paracord handles (red and black)

Wet okole seat covers (black with red piping, see a trend emerging?)

Smartdoor stops (keeps doors from shutting like every other car on the road)

ARB dual air compressor with MORE engine bay mount

Drake hoodpins (best ever for hood flutter! highly recommend!)

Rear highlift jack mount

I also like to build things, and after getting a tubing bender, decided to add rails to the stock rock rails

They have since been powder coated

First attempt at tube doors

I made the mirror mounts and got cheap replacement mirrors for 10 bucks. Worked better than the ones you can buy online for a lot cheaper.

I built a rack to mount my air tank (writeup is in the diy section)

My son's carseat also matches the theme of red and black

Bedlined the grill and added some pizzazz

I bought the aev backup camera, but when i got it, it didn't fit between the spokes, so i got a license plate relo kit, weatherpacked terminals for quick disconnect and voila!