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    I have never used the 3D or 5D bars, and know nothing about them. I have only used straight bars by Auxbeam and only cheapo Chinese ones, and had great success. Just read reviews on the bar you like(I bought my most recent one off amazon) and see what the typical DOA type issues are. With mine, the only issue reported by others was moisture getting in the lens. So I just made sure the lens was sealed before installation and all has been good.

    As for curved vs straight, I think it may be a user preference, and application specific. Take a look at these pictures of curved vs straight. Personally, for the type of riding I do, I prefer the long straight throw of the straight, because it doesn't blind you by lighting up only the ground right in front of you. I have a small light bar on the front of my machine, and it lights up everything on both sides of the trail VERY well. It also has spot lenses in the center which light up the trail at long distances. IMO, straight is the way to go, but that's just me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    To me, curved light bars look better on vehicles that have a curved windshield like pickup trucks.

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