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Inigo Montoya
01-28-2014, 06:03 PM
I'm sick of those two words now... Had one break on my discos during FATF and stuck a cotter pin in the hole as a band aid. Now three months later and I wanted to get the proper pin. Looked online everywhere (including Home Depot and Lowe's) and couldn't find the right size. Lo and behold, JKS has them for sale! And cheaper than other places!. Only $.96 each...

Soooo, I add four to my cart (why not have spares?) and then enter my zip for shipping quotes... And my shipping total is!... $9.00... Wait, what? You're going to charge me TWICE the cost of the pins for shipping? So I call up JKS. A very nice and rather "slow" gentleman answers the phone and after listening to my dilemma, tells me in so many words that he's not very bright and that someone will call me back. That phone call never came. Called them again today and the explanation I got, regarding the ridiculous shipping charges, was that they are in Michigan and I'm in Texas. So I guess you just throwing four little pins in an envelope and then me giving you a glowing review is out of the question, huh? Try my local dealers? Yeah, the closest one is an hour's drive away.

SO now I must ask... Anyone know of a cheap place online to buy these stupid pins? Because JKS and I won't be talking much anymore... At least until they can find some salespeople who can pass the Wonderlic.

01-28-2014, 06:10 PM
What is the specific size? I could go out to my Jeep and pull one and measure it, but that would take way too much work. Down 3 flights of stairs, out the door, remove the pin, back in the door, back up 3 flights of stairs...I'm exhausted just typing it.

Let me know. I'll find some for you...I hope.

01-28-2014, 06:12 PM
Try tractor supply. They have a pretty good assortment.

01-28-2014, 06:19 PM
I've heard that JKS has crazy shipping in the past but never had the pleasure of dealing with it. Maybe buy 100 of them for the $9 shipping and then sell them for cheaper.

Tractor supply is a good place to look but McMaster Carr should also have what you're looking for- they have about everything.

01-28-2014, 06:23 PM
3/16 x 1 5/8" is the size. Here is a pic.


You can buy a box of 10 from McMaster-Carr for $7.78 by stock number 90170A650 (Click HERE (http://www.mcmaster.com/#90170A650)). I'm not sure what shipping would be, but you'd have a ton of spares. Hope that helps.

01-28-2014, 06:32 PM
Wow thag sucks bro if you were in alaska I could get you some for about 50cents a piece

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01-28-2014, 06:33 PM
Ill check my local hardware store I know they carry 50 different sizes I replaced my jks quick disco pins from there an envolpe full should cost to much to mail to you even from up here

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Inigo Montoya
01-28-2014, 06:43 PM
Checked Tractor Supply in Waxahachie. Winner!

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01-28-2014, 07:01 PM
Checked Tractor Supply in Waxahachie. Winner!

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I was about to say, if Tractor Supply didn't have them I would be shocked as hell. Farms and implements use them for damn near everything. Gate? Lynch pin. Tractor implement attachment? Lynch pin. Shackle? Lynch pin. QD? Lynch pin.

01-28-2014, 07:43 PM
I picked up my replacement pins at ACE Hardware after losing one myself earlier.

01-28-2014, 07:55 PM
My local hardware store(formerly an Ace, has the largest fastener section I've seen in a small mom and pop place.

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01-28-2014, 08:44 PM
I have an Ace nearby that is pretty well stocked, but the DoItBest in Sunbury, OH puts them all to shame. They even have several sizes of heim joints in stock!! Tons of metric black hardened button head bolts like armor comes with too.

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01-28-2014, 09:20 PM
True value carries several sizes or any hardware store, Evan Home Depot may have them.

01-28-2014, 09:27 PM
McMaster and done.

01-29-2014, 08:31 AM
I got these as standbys. This was over a year ago. They are holding up well. Not pretty but easy to use and cost very little4303043031

01-29-2014, 08:59 AM
John Deere authorized distributors sell a ton of different ones and they are zinc plated.

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01-29-2014, 09:01 AM
mcmaster carr has alot, did you try local hardware stores or farm supply

01-29-2014, 09:46 AM
NAPA part # 725-1150

01-30-2014, 04:18 PM
We have found using some small zip ties to keep them closed reduced the amount we loose.